September 10, 2012



This summer I truly enjoyed watching the London Olympic Games.  I have to admit that I really pushed for this guy seen in my drawing (see if you can guess who it is) to become the all time greatest Olympian.  Ok, I might have given it away with that clue, lol.  Sadly, I also found myself thinking about how young some of the athletes are.  I found myself thinking about how much they have achieved at such a young age compared to what I have achieved at my age.

It caused me to really start think about achievements.  Is being the best at your sport and receiving money, awards, and publicity what makes you successful?  100 years from now will that matter?  What has really hit me hard but that is also hard to understand is that these achievements don’t matter.  What matters is how we loved others and our relationship with Jesus.  Some how I always find myself getting caught up in the worldly achievements.  I wonder why that is.



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