September 6, 2012

Old Times

Old Times

This past weekend I had the unexpected pleasure of getting to spend some time with an old college friend of mine, Keone Silva, and his family.  We actually met early on in college in our drawing class.  Being the competitive person that I am I remember scanning the room for other talented artists, lol.  Keone sat right next to me and he is the one that really caught my eye.  He has some amazing raw talent.  Of course, we ended up being the last two to leave the classroom almost every day.  In fact, at times our teacher had to tell us we were working too hard and needed to leave.  Anyways, we struck up a great friendship which only strengthened once I found out that he is a fellow believer.  He is a little older than me and already had a family when we were in college.  Not only was he an artistic inspiration but he was also a great role model for me.

So, just to clarify, this drawing is not of us.  I was searching for an image of an art class where they used the seats that we used in our class.  I came across this really old picture, you can tell by the haircuts and clothing, and I though it was perfect because it really does seem that long ago.

Here is to reconnecting with a great college friend and role model.

P.S.  I know it has been way too long since my last post.  Life just gets crazy some times.  Maybe I should change the name from 365 sketch to 165 sketch, lol.


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