August 14, 2012

A Surreal Time With My Family

A Surreal Time With My Family

This past weekend my parents came all the way from Houston to visit us.  We were so excited to spend some quality time with them and I was also happy for them to finally meet our puppy, Hank.  It was an extra special time because my Mom was celebrating her birthday.  Christy and I had a plan for all the things we could do together and how we could make Mom’s Birthday special.

The funny thing about getting to spend time with family or really going on a vacation is how fast it all goes by.  Whenever it is over I find myself always a little sad and wishing we could start the weekend all over again.

On Sunday we took Mom and Dad to see the new Salvador Dali exhibit in St Pete.  One of Dali’s most famous depictions is of a melting clock.  Apparently, as a surrealist, Dali was fascinated with the concept of time and what possibly happens outside of time.

As an ode to Dali, I did this drawing depicting our time together and some of the things we did.  I also chose to do it in a surreal dreamlike way.

It was great seeing you both Mom and Dad.


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